Improve your high score in this arcade style action game, as you struggle against the unbeatable Super Joe. Submission for the Mini Jam 110 Game Jam.

Controls (Requires mouse & keyboard):

WASD: Move

Mouse: Aim shot

Left Mouse Button: Shoot

Spacebar: Open portal


This was the first time I built a unity game for one of these jams.  I've spent a lot of time with Pico-8 lately, so I had to adjust to working with higher resolution sprites. I also ended up working late into the night on the final day because I was a bit overambitious. You can probably tell that half the graphics are more rushed than the others.

When I first saw the theme "Sacrifice" I had a different idea  than I ended up making. The limitation "Failure is Inevitable" made me rethink my plan. The basis for the idea was thinking about "who always fails". Cartoon villains was something that came to mind pretty quickly. And since you have to "sacrifice" a bunch of henchmen while playing, it lined up okay with the theme as well.

I had several ideas for content that had to be scrapped due to time constraints.  In the end I had to quickly tie the whole thing together into something playable.  I hope you enjoy your time with it!

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