Your evil alter-ego has trapped you inside your own self portrait. With your paintbrush in hand you must overcome all of their traps for a chance to battle for your freedom.


If you're having any performance issues with the Web version, there are native versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux below. They come with a regular and "low settings" version.


I wasn't particularly happy with what I made for the last game jam I attended, so I tried to learn from my mistakes and produce a more focused experience this time. I tried to cut corners where I could, like only having one fully animated character, and only making outlines of the platforms to save on time.

I had an idea for the color theme even before the limitation was revealed this time. Luckily the limitation fit pretty well with my original idea. I still had to work all night on the final day to finish on time. All graphics, game logic, and sound effects where made during the jam period.

I became pretty happy with the results this time. I managed to add a lot more polish than my previous Unity game jam.


Download 52 MB
Download 53 MB
Download 70 MB

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