Become the top water gun battler in this high impact action game. Developed as part of Mini Jam 108. The goal of the game is to win one on one battles against 10 opponents of increasing difficulty level. There are also upgrades that can be unlocked over time by spending points earned from winning.


Move, Aim: arrow keys

Dodge, Confirm, Activate: X or V

Shoot, Cancel: Z or C

The game also supports gamepad controls in some browsers.


The theme for the game jam was Seaside. It made me think of games played on the beach and about summer. The limitation "Everything dies in one hit" was pretty unexpected.

I began thinking about one hit fighting games like Bushido Blade or Divekick. Staying with the summery vibes I decided to make the game about water gun battles. Getting wet from a water gun has a similar finality to it as paintball, so I thought it would fit pretty well with the one hit kill limitation.

The hardest part by far was getting the opponent AI to work. In a game where you only need one hit to win, the AI had to be capable enough to provide a challenge. I think I managed to make something decent given the limited time, even though I ran up against performance problems and the token limit of Pico-8 a few times during development.

I hope you have a fun time playing it!


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Made a small update to fix a bug on the opponent AI and remove the next opponent from the field when battling.

I love this game! It's cute and the controls work. It's simple enough to have fun but challenging enough that I want to win.

Thanks for playing. I'm glad you enjoyed it.